Coconut Corn Salad

Food Stations & Sample Menus

The Bruin Plate menu is offered from seven distinct food stations located throughout the restaurant, featuring creative and wholesome options for your enjoyment.

Basil Oregano Chicken with Rice, Beans, and Kale Bowl

Freshly Bowled

Freshly Bowled offers two chef-recommended bowls at each meal, one meat and one vegetarian option, which guests can customize to suit their tastes.


Hearty bowls of lean protein topped with vegetables and legumes and a poached egg. The vegetarian option is a bowl of slightly sweet hot cereal made from various grains such as millet and quinoa and topped with seasonal fruit.


Light salad bowls or fresh vegetable sautées.


Bowls built from the bottom up starting with a hearty grain, legume, or whole wheat pasta, topped with seasonal vegetables, and finished with a lean protein or protein alternative like seitan or tempeh.

Grilled Pork Loin Chop with Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Pears

Simply Grilled

Simply Grilled offers a variety of grilled items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – many are traditional favorites with a healthful twist.


Pancakes, waffles, or French toast made from whole wheat, pulse, and nut flours accompanied by house-made fruit compotes, marmalades, and butters.


Our stackers are open-faced sandwiches topped with fresh lettuce and simple sauces. Side items include golden vegetable hashes and our rotating baked potato bar.


A lean meat or chicken option and an alternative protein that have been marinated or spice-rubbed then grilled to perfection.

Mixed Vegetable Flatbread

Stone Fired

Stone Fired showcases artisan breads with freshly made toppings as well as a variety of delicious and nutritious flatbread creations made on distinctive crusts in our stone-fired oven.


Three types of artisanal breads topped with our house-made spreads such as Grapefruit, Ginger & Rose Marmalade; Pear-Fennel Butter; Smokey Hibiscus Compote; Blueberry & Roasted Grape Marmalade; and fresh, house-milled nut butters.

Lunch & Dinner

Specialty pizzas and flatbreads made from three distinct crusts topped with combinations of roasted vegetables, grilled meats, and fresh salads. The California-Style Crust, the thickest of our offerings, is made of whole wheat dough and soft grains. The Flatbread is an oval-shaped, crispy crust made of whole wheat flours, molasses, and honey. The Tortilla Crust is made from brown rice flour for a cracker-crisp texture.

Apple-Glazed Acorn Squash with Mustard Greens

Farm Stand

Whenever possible, Farm Stand features seasonal, local, and organic vegetables and farm products. The daily selection includes a steamed grain, a sautéed leafy green, and a seasonal featured vegetable. Our selection of locally-sourced vegetables are minimally prepared to retain their nutritional benefits and natural flavors.

Some leafy greens include wilted collard greens, spinach and kale, baby bok choy, and rainbow Swiss chard. The fall seasonal vegetable rotation includes kohlrabi, cauliflower, butternut squash, celery root, gold and red beets, and Brussels sprouts. Examples of grain offerings include farro, barley, wheat berry, bulgur wheat, several kinds of rice, and three types of quinoa.

Just Tossed Salad

Greens & More

Our Greens & More salad bar focuses on seasonality. We showcase delicate lettuces and dark leafy greens like watercress and chopped kale plus toppings that include a rotation of crisp vegetables, beans, olives, and cheeses. Dressings are made from scratch using fresh ingredients and include innovations such as Kale Vinaigrette, Balsamic Date Dressing, and Carrot & Parsnip Vinaigrette.

Greens & More also features a "Tumbled Greens" station where guests choose from a selection of fresh ingredients and crunchy toppings that are gently tossed with a house-made vinaigrette by a server for a unique salad creation.

Key Lime Mignardise

Sweet Bites

Sweet Bites provides a satisfying selection of seasonal whole and sliced fresh fruit, freshly baked items, and a Greek yogurt bar with toppings that include an array of nuts and dried and frozen fruit.


Fruit- and vegetable-based quick breads, breakfast parfaits, a house-made power bar or energy ball, and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.


Freshly-baked hearth bread with a signature fruit compote, sliced fresh fruit, and a yogurt coupe made of low-fat Greek yogurt with assorted toppings such as cacao nibs, amaranth, and dates.


Greek yogurt bar with toppings, hearth breads with a compote, and a daily rotation of a small plated dessert or specialty bites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are some special or unique features of the Bruin Plate menu?

  • Tossed salads with homemade dressings
  • Healthy bowls made to order
  • Farm-to-table vegetable hot bar
  • Stackers (open-faced sandwiches)
  • Yogurt Bar
  • Healthful Beverages
  • House-made syrups and compotes
  • Whole grain pancakes
  • Fresh foods, such as quinoa, kale, lentils, and other grains and produce

2) How did you test menu ideas?
We developed and tested our menu ideas for nearly two years, first in our own small test kitchen by our culinary staff, and then at Test Kitchen at Hedrick. Test Kitchen was a way to bring our back-of-the-house efforts to the forefront and involve students in the Bruin Plate menu development process. Each day, we gathered student input and made menu refinements accordingly.

3) How did students respond to the food being served out of the Test Kitchen?
The feedback at Test Kitchen was overwhelmingly positive. Some things even surprised us, like the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits students would eat when well prepared and presented, the fact that we had zero complaints about not offering burgers and fries, and that students on their own accord shifted their drinking behavior away from soda and predominately drank water with their meal.

4) Since no commercial soda will be available, what are the alternatives?
Rather than commercial sodas, beverages at Bruin Plate will include:

  • Our own line of Flavored Waters
  • Fruit Juice Spritzers
  • Water and Sparkling Water
  • Iced Tea
  • 100% Real Juices – apple, grapefruit, orange, pineapple

5) How is breakfast different from other dining halls?
The breakfast menu is the most unique and innovative menu at Bruin Plate. We believe it will truly change the way people think about breakfast. There will not be any traditional menu items, yet we believe it will be the most popular breakfast on The Hill.

6) How is dessert different from other dining halls?
Instead of traditional desserts, Bruin Plate offers fruits and vegetables incorporated into hearty, fruit and vegetable quick breads accompanied by freshly made fruit compotes, marmalades, and freshly milled nut butters. We also offer Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt with toppings including an array of nuts, dried fruit, and frozen fruit, and a daily plated dessert, yogurt coupé, or specialty "bite."